Discussions About Atheism

The following post is a response I made in a comment section.

I thought it had some good points.

Paul Kurtz said:

“Angry atheism does not work. . . It has to be friendly, cooperative relations with people of other points of view.”

MosesZD comment was:
“Yeah. That worked so well for blacks… Be quiet. Be nice. Keep your head down.

How could that possibly fail as a strategy…”

And this was my Response:

Paul Kurtz is opposed to irrational dogmatism; which is usually exhibited in ‘angry atheism.’

There are plenty of reasons to be angry about religion, but if you depend solely on your emotions to guide you, then it is a slippery slope back into close-mindedness.
You exemplified this perfectly by comparing the “New” Atheist movement to the fucking civil rights movement.

I suggest you do some cursory research on that part of history.

We, as pragmatic skeptics, not just as atheists, should tare down illogical claims that have no evidentiary support, but we should not, if we mean to maintain a rational mindset, become so arrogantly ignorant as to falsely think and act as though we can never be wrong; which usually follows after long bouts of self-righteous anger.


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